Humanitarian Projects Making Changes in Mexico

The season of giving provides us the time to reflect on the importance of supporting others. For many years, Meeting Incentive Experts has been giving back to the communities in which we host meeting and incentive programs.

MIE, established by CEO, Adam Lawhorne in 2003, is dedicated to advancing the lives of those less fortunate in the regions of Los Cabos, Puerto Vallarta and Cancun/Riviera Maya, Mexico.  Throughout these locations, we encourage and help facilitate impactful CSR programs partnering with community leaders to understand the needs of that area and how we can best provide assistance. In turn, we work with our clients to help organize the donations or manpower needed to achieve the CSR goal.  For hundreds of companies this has become an important activity when planning their incentives and meetings.

Research findings indicate that most of the differences in student learning and graduation, are due to socioeconomic factors.  The families and children who utilize the public schools in Mexico come from a mix of lower income families. The government in Mexico only supplies school infrastructure and teacher salaries, which require the schools to seek cooperation and resources of the parents to provide food, school supplies, backpacks and uniforms to students.

As this can put tremendous pressure on the families of school children, our goal is to provide support and thus, social responsibility programs formed and have become a consistent part of the overall planning process.

“There is great importance of supporting these children with limited resources so they can fulfill their dreams as they are the future ambassadors of the destination”

Amanda Nemeth, President, MIE. 

“MIE is fully committed to helping the Mexican communities with customized CSR programs allowing them to have more resources and a better opportunity to grow within their Municipality by providing them with the tools they need to succeed. We appreciate everything our clients do to make a difference in their life”

Adam Lawhorne, CEO MIE. 

Since 2003, over 100 CSR programs have been achieved.

Projects include thousands of dollars in significant school and art supply donations, over 5,000 backpacks distributed, athletic shoes for hundreds of children “Feet First” to aid in physical education and the building of school libraries suppling hundreds of books.  Multiple construction projects have been completed ranging from the installation of water fountains, water pumps, various bathroom upgrades, cafeteria furniture, playgrounds, basketball and soccer courts with sporting equipment, vegetable gardens and school painting restoration to “Building a bike” campaign initiative that provided hundreds of bikes to kids that live in a vulnerable area of Cancun.

Hurricanes have also caused great damage in some of these areas and in response to those events MIE, in partnership with different client organizations, have ensured resources to schools were re-established.

These programs have not only improved the lives of the children and family’s wellbeing, but also impacted the lives of the participants experiencing such a wonderful gesture.  Through artwork and traditional song and dance performances, the schools have shown their great appreciation and given attendees a glimpse of the beautiful Mexican culture, leaving life-long impressions.

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