MIE, established by CEO, Adam Lawhorne in 2003, is dedicated to advancing the lives of those less fortunate in the regions of Los Cabos, Puerto Vallarta and Cancun/Riviera Maya, Mexico.  Throughout these locations, we encourage and help facilitate impactful CSR programs partnering with community leaders to understand the needs of that area and how we can best provide assistance. In turn, we work with our clients to help organize the donations or manpower needed to achieve the CSR goal.  Research findings indicate that most of the differences in student learning and graduation, are due to socioeconomic factors.  The families and children who utilize the public schools in Mexico come from a mix of lower income families. The government in Mexico only supplies school infrastructure and teacher salaries, which require the schools to seek cooperation and resources of the parents to provide food, school supplies, backpacks and uniforms to students.  For hundreds of companies this has become an important activity when planning their Incentives and Meetings. “MIE is fully committed to helping the Mexican communities grow within their Municipality by providing them with the tools they need to succeed. We appreciate everything our clients do to make a difference in their life” commented Adam Lawhorne, MIE CEO, CITE, CIS


Meetings today (Coordinated by Lynne Richardson and Victoria deSilvio) and MIE designed this CSR program for the Leonardo Gastelum Villalobos Educational Institution in Cabo San Lucas.  During the     3-day program of Meetings Today Live, planners and suppliers were able to donate dozens of books and needed supplies to the school.  During the donation ceremony, everyone received a warm welcome from the school principals and students who showcased a special performance honoring el Dia de Los Muertos.  In addition, MIE donated 2 chrome books to the Principals of the AM and PM class sessions.


Raza de Bronce and Maestro Mexicano schools receive libraries.  This initiative was created in order to provide a reading experience that previously did not exist at either school.  Children are now able to check out books to take home and share with their family, extending their options for creative reading.  MIE assisted in clearing out and cleaning unutilized rooms at the schools to design the libraries and coordinated the purchasing and installation of the book cases.   Donations at each school included thousands of books, art supplies and sporting equipment.  A large food distribution company also donated playground equipment to Raza de Bronze were hundreds of students received the executives with a welcome ceremony including thank you banners and performances of traditional Mexican songs and dances.  The largest video rental company donated a drinking fountain to Maestro Mexicano. The top 45 students from this school were honored during the conference meeting with attendees at the Paradisus Playa del Carmen resort.


A Fortune 500 USA software company donated bicycles to Huellas de Pan Children during their annual incentive program in Riviera Maya organized by MIE.  Attendees were divided into teams to participate in team building activities while supporting the local community.  In each of the challenges, participants played games to win parts of a bicycle.  Parts earned were used to build 20 bicycles that were later donated to the children of the Association of Huellas de Pan, which works to provide education, food and security for vulnerable families in the urban area of Cancun. The bikes were donated to 20 children with the highest grades.


A large uniform and safety equipment corporation donated backpacks filled with school supplies to 850 students at the Raza de Bronce elementary school with support from GMR Marketing and MIE. The social responsibility initiative has become part of their annual President’s Club program.  The previous year, 500 back packs and school supplies were donated. In addition to school supplies, sports equipment including a dozen each of volley balls, soccer balls and basketballs along with soccer goals were also donated. MIE and GMR also contributed with the client to purchase multiple truckloads of gravel to refurbish the school yard and hired cleaning and plumbing crews to restore the school’s neglected restrooms to full working order. MIE expanded their donation with popsicles to the students helping to keep the children cool on a very warm August day.


A large video rental company again supports the local community by supplying Rio Hondo school in Cancun with an entire playground and basketball court that was non-existent. The initiative promoted not only additional interaction amongst the students, but health and activity for the entire school. In addition, participants that attended the Managers Meeting donated school, art supplies and sporting equipment to the school. Meeting Incentive Experts and the client also contributed to finalize the playground landscaping by adding gravel around the playground structures.  Once the playground was installed, MIE transferred the executives to the school where they hand painted and customized the equipment.  It was then covered up and unveiled the following day when the executives were greeted by students with thank you signs and music.  The executives remained at the school to interact and play with the children on their new court and playground.


A USA software company created pinatas that were later donated to a local organization.  Attendees were divided into teams and participated in interactive games.  In each game, participants played to win the materials needed to create and design their pinatas.  When all of the pinatas were finished, they were judged by team and had a small awards ceremony celebrating the talents of all that contributed to the initiative.  The pinatas, filled with toys and school supplies were donated to Cancun Pro Kids for their traditional holiday parties.  Since 1993 “Cancun Pro Kids” has rescued local, vulnerable children from exploitation and abuse. They currently provide about 100 victims with full time education, all basic services, legal protection and a home in a nurturing, caring environment with individualized attention.


Heroes de 1847 elementary school in Los Cabos is in constant need of improvements.  Principals, teachers and parents try to keep the school beautiful and clean according to their possibilities with the few resources they receive to keep their children in a comfortable and harmonious environment.   MIE along with a food distribution company selected the school to assist with changing the constant problem of graffiti to the outside of their building.  MIE coordinated with local Mexican artist Alfredo Sosa to portray his art, having the students help him to complete these art pieces along the outside school wall so grafittiers won’t paint over them. Alfredo starts by going to visit the different classrooms to talk with the students and asking them for different aspects of their environment and lifestyle, to obtain the inspiration to create different master pieces.  MIE is proud to work and support art that involves CSR activities by helping the local community and teaching students new and correct ways to express their art.


Meeting Incentive Experts, in partnership with Society for Incentive Travel Excellence (SITE) and 23 Classic participants, donated 1,500 backpacks with school supplies to all students of Leonardo Gastelum Elementary school (750 attend the morning session and 750 attend the afternoon session).  The faculty are trying to make the school a place of refuge where children feel proud and can further their education.  “There is great importance of supporting these children with limited resources so they can fulfill their dreams as they are the future ambassadors of the destination” commented Amanda Nemeth, MIE President, CIS, CITP.  The school was selected due to the increase in classroom size and need of the community, which, was greatly affected by Tropical Storm Lidia 2 weeks prior.


A large food distribution company implements “Food First” at the Maria Del Carmen Serdan Alatriste school. The school is located 30 minutes from downtown Puerto Vallarta and was built in 2011 inside a government assisted housing area. With a total of 259 students, the creation of Food First allowed the children of the Puerto Vallarta community to learn how to maintain a living garden at their school, providing much needed nutrients and promoting better eating habits for healthy childhood development.  With the support of group attendees, they cleared an open area and constructed the garden in conjunction with students.  One of their company chefs explained the items being planted, how they benefit eating habits and how to maintain the garden for continued use.   In addition, the schools damaged water pump providing clean water to the school was replaced.

Meeting Incentive Experts Humanitarian Program In Los Cabos Mexico

Adam Lawhorne CIS, CITE   CEO of MIE along with the Mexico Tourism Board organized Humanitarian Health Care in Los Cabos Mexico with Hospital Especialidades in Los Cabos, Mexico with well-known plastic surgeon Dr. Kenneth L. Stein from Chicago. Dr Stein has donated his time for surgery to assist the community of Los Cabos Mexico during October and November 2005 at the hospital Especialidades operating on over 15 children and adults who needed the assistance of Dr. Stein.  Dr. Stein has had provided his assistance in Guatemala and Asia and is committed to assisting countries in need of plastic surgeries emergencies.  Dr. Stein was a board of director with Meeting Incentive Experts and truly made a huge difference in lives of many.