Los Cabos- Paradise of Culinary Farm Experiences

Los Cabos is located at the Southern tip of Baja California.  Surrounded by the Pacific Ocean, Sea of Cortez and desert terrain with mountains and dry riverbeds, the landscape makes it hard to believe that there are fertile farmland areas. The combination, however, of sunny days (more than 300 per year), and the oasis areas including some waterfalls, act as a natural irrigation system, making Los Cabos a great area for agriculture.

Resulting from the need of people around the world looking for more local, seasonal and sustainable products and restaurant options, organic farms have become an important attraction in Los Cabos and support to local businesses.

Huerta Los Tamarindos is a 17-acre organic farm located 5 minutes from downtown San Jose del Cabo where Executive Chef and Owner Enrique Silva developed an extraordinary culinary experience presenting Mexican-Mediterranean cuisine, using the freshest ingredients from his crops. The restaurant is located at the top of a hill in a beautiful brick farmhouse, built in 1888.  Surrounded in stone walls and vines, the venue offers a lovely view of the gardens and orchards, creating the most authentic Mexican farm-to-table culinary experience.

Their cooking class allows you to experience the colors, textures, and aromas of a Mexican farm while harvesting your own vegetables and aromatic herbs. Then beautiful kitchen built with stone walls and wooden ceilings, take a four-course meal “hands on” cooking class, guided by one of their talented chefs, teaching you dishes of Mexican and Mediterranean cuisine. After the class, you will share a common table with your classmates tasting your own cooked dishes while enjoying the amazing view.

Chef Enrique Olvera – Huerta Los Tamarindos

Flora’s Field kitchen is located in La Playita which is also located 5 minutes from downtown San Jose del Cabo. Flora is about handmade food using their farm fresh ingredients. Their goal is to create a healthy family meal with a sense of place.

The initial Flora Restaurant was in San Jose del Cabo, then the owner decided to bring the restaurant to the farm. Flora’s Field Kitchen strives to only serve what they make, raise and grow.

Their menu is seasonal, with some permanent classics. All meat served at Flora’s Field Kitchen come from their 150-acre ranch where animals are raised on diets free of hormones or antibiotics.

Flora’s Field Kitchen

Acre is the newest addition, located at the same community of La Playita.  Nowadays this area is known by locals and visitors as the farms place, located in the foothills of the Sierra de la Laguna. This 25-acre property is owned by Canadians. Its modern structure is hidden in a mango grove surrounded by palm trees, foliage and five acres of organic crops. Their cuisine is a combination of global influences and local ingredients that evolves with the season.

For Acre, everything is about good food and drinks. The design of Acre creates a different atmosphere from the other farms, with its contemporary and cosmopolitan style.

They have an innovative cocktail program, where award-winning compositions are elevated by produce grown just beyond the confines of the bar.

Every time our visitors come to any of these amazing farms, it turns into an outstanding and memorable culinary experience.


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