Edith Jimenez was born in Jalapa, a small town in the mountains of the state of Guerrero Mexico, where she learned the cooking flair of her grandmother María Morales, and with it a deep understanding of the flavors and aromas of Guerreran cuisine.  She arrived to Cabo San Lucas in 1977 and fell in love with Baja California Sur, it’s natural resources and historical richness which lead her to research Baja California’s cuisine.  At age 15, Edith started working in a restaurant previously known as “Estela’s by the Sea”.   Starting as a waitress, she worked her way through multiple positions up to management until she was able to purchase the restaurant in 1994 and renamed it “Edith’s”.   Her passion has taken her on a journey to the 5 restaurants she currently owns as she continues to explore cuisines from all over the world.  Here, Edith shares with us the story of her restaurant history.

The Office on the beach

Once upon a time in the decade of the 70’s, when the peninsula of Baja was a remote and isolated place and a few visitors came to the region, the first —and at that time the only— palapa on the beach was built on Médano Beach of Cabo San Lucas.  On the virgin beach, this palapa with its small kitchen and unpretentious bar, tended to the needs of locals and the few tourists at the time, offering simple fare such as ceviche, fried fish, burritos or hamburgers and of course margaritas, beer and more.  A local character who rented wind surf equipment from the beach and entertained his clients and friends in this same palapa, was referred by him and others as “The Office”. The name stuck, and shortly after a blue sign with yellow lettering popped up identifying it officially as an office… The Office on the Beach was born.

Edith’s restaurant

A legend of Cabo San Lucas, the Edith’s Restaurant is ranking one of the best 5 restaurants in Mexico.  Edith’s is a vivid combination of the Cuisine of Baja California with a Guerreran flair, featuring a regional fusion of steaks and seafood with local ingredients.  A loving, privileged view of Medano Beach and the world-famous Arch of Cabo San Lucas, candle lights and palapas set the atmosphere for an unforgettable culinary experience.  Specialties include prime cuts of the upmost quality imported beef, freshly-caught local fish and lobster and hand-made Tortillas.  A don’t miss is her famous table side prepared Caesar salad and creative desserts.

La Pintada

After 25 years of exploring dishes that families from South Baja have enjoyed for more than 300 years, for La Pintada, Edith created an eclectic menu that traces flavors from Mexico and the Mediterranean.  Known as a culinary delight of the Baja, it is a must for foodies that look for something new in Cabo.

Tres Sirenas

Specializing in the cuisine of the sea, Tres Sirenas is a must-see whether you are a first time or return visitor to Cabo San Lucas.  Priding themselves on world class service and a culinary team who will showcase the absolute best of what the plentiful waters of the Sea of Cortez and Pacific Ocean have to offer. Above all else, Tres Sirenas celebrates liveliness, flavor and hospitality. Viva Mexico!

The Italian Job

You will be delighted and surprised with the Traditional Italian Cuisine showcasing Mediterranean flavors of simple and genuine plates. All the products used are original and 100% Italian!  Explore texture, color and of course the ultimate tastes with seasonal menus. Made with only fresh ingredients are and carefully selected by the chefs. Enjoy an extraordinary dining experience with homemade pizza and pastas.

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