Meeting Incentive Experts DMC offers exciting new options for Cancun Dine Arounds.  Grupo Rosa Negra unveils Bohemian Square, showcasing the newest restaurants in Cancun which have come together in one place to offer unique culinary experiences.  Signature cuisine and high-level entertainment will delight your senses.  With Meeting Incentive Experts, encounter the most exclusive location on Cancun’s Lagoon. Discover extraordinary dishes, signature mixology, art, fashion, music and fireworks that will light up the night for your attendees.


This innovative concept created by Grupo Rosa Negra gets its inspiration from Thai and Japanese cuisines. It offers sushi, curry, noodles, and delicious rice dishes made with fresh products and prepared at the moment, providing a variety of textures and exquisite aromas which will transport you through authentic Asian culture.


This extraordinary Italian restaurant is distinguished by its classic dishes with a contemporary twist. Exquisite fresh homemade pastas, fish and seafood prepared authentic Italian style.


Chambao is a gastronomic experience like no other. Let your imagination run wild with delightful aromas, tastes, and flavors. At Chambao, innovation and creativity are what guide us every day. Our chef strives to create new and exciting dishes with the freshest and purest ingredients.


At RosaNegra, every night is a party of lights, music and color. The unique architectonic design seamlessly merges the indoor space with the outdoor through ample wooden terraces that flow above water and allow for wonderful sunset views and contact with nature.


Tora presents a contemporary concept of Fine Japanese cuisine, integrating ancient and avant-garde techniques The balance between culinary traditions and the creativity of modern cuisine merges with the selection of the best quality gourmet products to bring this concept to life.

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