The beloved beverage of Tequila is enjoyed worldwide.  Tequila, since introduced into the US market in the mid 1940’s, experienced tremendous growth year over year, becoming a billion-dollar industry and one of the most consumed liquors on the planet.

The origins of the aloe shaped plant and its processing, date far back to Aztec times when it was used as a food source, the drying of leaves for creating clothing and for shelter. In these historical times, it was fermented into a version of beer and drank during religious ceremonies as a way to communicate with the gods.  In the 17th century, through experimentation, it was then distilled and became more what we know today as traditional tequila.

The large majority of agave plants are found in Jalisco, Mexico.  The premium blue Weber agave that produces the best tequila is found throughout the state and there are strict guidelines in place that protect the name and regional integrity of tequila.  If the product is produced outside government approved regions, it is then considered Mezcal, and carries a smokier flavor then that of the smooth authentic tequila.

To keep up with demand, some regions in Colima, Nayarit and Aguascalientes produce plants in their highlands.  Once an agave plant is harvested and the Pina (or heart) is removed for processing, they die off and a new plant must be selected.  The maturity time for agave is 7 to 10 years, so there can sometimes be a significant shortage in the market and lead to plants being procured well before their maturity date and prices per bottle soaring.  This beverage also increases in demand each time a celebrity endorses their own custom brand, with the latest to hit the market from Dwayne the “Rock” Johnson, called Teremana, a Blanco tequila, that is a small batch product, grown and produced in the rich, dark soil of Jalisco.

When visiting the vibrant area of Puerto Vallarta, a wonderful tour option is to  sample the varieties of Blanco (aged for less than 1 year), Reposado (aged for over 1 year) and Anejo (aged for 2+ years) and discover many more stories about this tremendous spirit that is the symbol of Mexico.

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