La Verdad Quintana Roo – Businessmen donate books to students in Playa del Carmen

A group of more than 50 participants, all members of Family Video Company, organized a book donation to primary school Ejido Solidaridad, Maestro Mexicano; this is as part of the altruistic work in several cities from the company said Amanda Nemeth, President of Meeting Incentive Experts.

Mrs. Nemeth said that this time the altruistic contribution consisted on encyclopedic and children’s books with issues of interest to students, and furniture for the new campus library project already started, which will be permanent for the future generations. Finally she mention that such actions have been realized in schools from Cancun and Puerto Vallarta, since the purpose of the company conventions has been to provide mutual benefits for the inhabitants; at the same time is not dismiss the possibility of doing the same in another Solidarity school during a next visit in 2014.

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