Fire Dancers

Fire Dancers

A spectacular show of fire, performed by professionals in the art of dancing with fire and drums that will enhance the night.



With an expansive repertoire, he can perform as a single guitar player or accompanied by a band, depending on the desire sound effect, the quantity of the musicians depends on the genre, call it Ballad, Jazz, Blues, Bossa, Disco and also Dancing Music in Spanish. In order to achieve a great versatility a quartet is suggested. He can play for your important evening event, the most popular songs from different genres: English Ballads, Blues, Jazz, Rock, Latin Music, Caribbean, etc. If you prefer a single genre, please just let us know.

Mayan Dancers

Mayan Dancers

This amazing dancing frame with live pre-Hispanic music, will recreate the Mayan cosmogony, an ancient people who celebrated the ending of each solar cycle at the renewal of fire given by the Gods, preparing themselves for the new millennium by making human sacrifices.


The Mariachi originated in Cocula, Jalisco because there was not another town in the south of Jalisco where the indigenous people had such a desire for music; In fact in Cocula they use to build special Jacalones to practice autochthonous rhythms dedicated to their God Cocolli. Getting into the history of the Mariachi Plata, I will let you know that this would not have been possible if one day on January 1936 in Tarimoro City, Guanajuato (state that gave birth to the pillar of Mexican music and a great composer José Alfredo Jiménez) was the date on which the director of the Mariachi Plata was born.

Caribbean Music

The band is made up by an octet:  female voice, male voice, brass section: tenor sax, alto sax, flute, trombone and trumpet and rhythm section: keyboards, guitar, drums and percussion. The group repertoire  includes international music in English, Spanish and Portuguese as well as Latin rhythms with a very unique touch once their members are from different nationalities: 3 Mexicans, 3 Cubans, 2 Argentinians and 1 Colombian. Covering the whole Riviera Maya and Cancun areas, the band has enjoyed great success playing in many different kinds of gigs such as conventions, weddings, graduations, etc.

Mexican Trio

Mexican Trio

The Mexican music history is plagued with different kind of rhythms for all occasion, the Trio music is especially romantic at the Mexican style, and it is used for serenades and for people who are in love, a very elegant music for a welcome cocktail.

Rock and Roll Band

A group of talented and professional musicians with more than 15 years of experience. The Mexican band integrates vitality and creativity in their entertainment. With versatility and the ability to adhere to the crowd, the group can play a variety of genres with precision, from Rock to Reggae and everything in between. They have performed for many corporate events, including shows at Hard Rock Café, Carlos & Charlies, Planet Hollywood and the Jazz Festival in Cancun, among others.

DJ / Karaoke

By naming your night theme, a professional DJ will lead the party to its climax, if you prefer a Karaoke party can also be conducted by this experienced DJ that will lead the audience to have the greatest time, ideal for a welcome reception.

Tequila Tasting

Tequila Tasting

Enjoy a traditional ritual with a unique presentation that explains about the history and process of the tequila, conducted by a tequila master during a length of 25 minutes. When the presentation concludes, you will sample the real flavor of tequila and learn to be an expert judge between three different types of this Mexican treat.

Cigar Roller

Lauro’s Cigar House offers only Premium Cigars, with the necessary characteristics to satisfy the pleasure of selective smokers. Cigars are elaborated with a careful selection of tobacco leaves of the highest quality in the world, our specialized technicians trained in the Republic of Cuba preserve the ancient formula to achieve all but the best cigars in the world.


No meeting or incentive program should be without the lights in stars of fireworks. MIE can customize fireworks for any budget including logos and the biggest surprise evening.

Handcraft Market

We will build a private market with knowledgeable sellers and a variety of items for shopping. Our artisans will display souvenirs such as, pewter, talavera, tequila, vanilla, hats, bags, jewelry… you name it! Guests may redeem their “Company bucks” for purchases. Vendors will take cash (pesos or USD) or credit cards for additional purchases.