A large video rental company again supports the local community by supplying Rio Hondo school in Cancun with an entire playground and basketball court that was non-existent. The initiative promoted not only additional interaction amongst the students, but health and activity for the entire school. In addition, participants that attended the Managers Meeting donated school, art supplies and sporting equipment to the school. Meeting Incentive Experts and the client also contributed to finalize the playground landscaping by adding gravel around the playground structures.  Once the playground was installed, MIE transferred the executives to the school where they hand painted and customized the equipment.  It was then covered up and unveiled the following day when the executives were greeted by students with thank you signs and music.  The executives remained at the school to interact and play with the children on their new court and playground.


A large uniform and safety equipment corporation donated backpacks filled with school supplies to 850 students at the Raza de Bronce elementary school with support from GMR Marketing and MIE. The social responsibility initiative has become part of their annual President’s Club program.  The previous year, 500 back packs and school supplies were donated. In addition to school supplies, sports equipment including a dozen each of volley balls, soccer balls and basketballs along with soccer goals were also donated. MIE and GMR also contributed with the client to purchase multiple truckloads of gravel to refurbish the school yard and hired cleaning and plumbing crews to restore the school’s neglected restrooms to full working order. MIE expanded their donation with popsicles to the students helping to keep the children cool on a very warm August day.



A USA software company created pinatas that were later donated to a local organization.  Attendees were divided into teams and participated in interactive games.  In each game, participants played to win the materials needed to create and design their pinatas.  When all of the pinatas were finished, they were judged by team and had a small awards ceremony celebrating the talents of all that contributed to the initiative.  The pinatas, filled with toys and school supplies were donated to Cancun Pro Kids for their traditional holiday parties.  Since 1993 “Cancun Pro Kids” has rescued local, vulnerable children from exploitation and abuse. They currently provide about 100 victims with full time education, all basic services, legal protection and a home in a nurturing, caring environment with individualized attention.