Since the pandemic, the world has become more in tune to the importance of caring for one’s health and wellbeing. There is a surplus of opportunities to implement this practice into your next meeting or incentive program through mindful, collaborative, and cultural activities that can serve as an enrichment for the body and soul. Los Cabos, located in the Mexican state of Baja California Sur, is one of the ideal destinations to experience such a program. The crystal blue waters and breath-taking flora and fauna create the perfect harmony for health and wellness.

In Los Cabos, your group can deepen their mindfulness by participating in one of many activities to connect and become a part of nature, such as whale watching; sea and snorkel tours; swimming with the dolphins; and birding. Through up-close experiences, your senses enrich as they become more connected to earth and nature.
Social and physical wellness can be enhanced within your group in Los Cabos through activities that require collaboration and comradery. Kayaking and hiking allow attendees to form a stronger social connection as they hike or paddle together to experience the wonderous natural beauty around them.

Interactive activities such as a farm-to-table cooking, bring about sustainable awareness learning skills through organic healthy cooking, create a new connection with the fruits of the land and deeper social connections with peers – experiences that will continue to strengthen and expand one’s awareness even once the program has concluded. In Los Cabos there are several farm-to-table restaurants that use local, organic ingredients to nourish body and soul, such as Acre, El Huerto, Flora Farms, Tamarindos and Huerto.
Health and wellness are vital parts life that should be integrated into daily routines. An Incentive or Meeting to Los Cabos will enhance wellbeing while allowing attendees to connect with the wonders of the destination.

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