The Wonderful and Fine Wines of Mexico

When one thinks of Mexico, the first thought about beverages doesn’t necessarily land on wine.  We tend to associate the southern paradise with its legendary tequila and beer products. However, if we examine some interesting history, we will find that Mexico does indeed have a wide variety of reds and whites and brands that are definitely hidden gems and noteworthy.

Photo courtesy of Casa Madero 

Mexican wine and wine making began with the arrival of the Spanish in the 16th century, when they brought vines from Europe.  Mexico is very diverse in geography and the areas in which you will find the vineyards is; Baja California in which 90% of production lies, the area of La Laguna in Coahuila and Durango and the states of Aguascalientes and Queretaro.  The types of grapes that are being grown include chenin blanc, chardonnay, sauvignon blanc, and many red varietals such as Grenache, tempranillo, syrah and Bordeaux blends.  The climate of all these areas is typically warm with cool nights and low humidity and therefore produces a more spicy, full bodied and rich flavored wine.

Photo courtesy of L.A. Cetto

Located in the Parras Valley in Coahuila, is the oldest winery, Casa Madero.  Known for their award-winning chardonnay, chenin blanc and syrah, this label is one to highly consider when purchasing your next bottle.  Additionally, the brand of Freixenet, based in Aguascalientes, produces a delicious and popular dry sparkling wine that you will find in many local liquor stores.  The majority of labels and the most recognizable come from the port of Ensenada, in northern Mexico, home to the Valley of Guadalupe, San Vicente Valley and Santo Tomas Valley.  Noted for its rich soil, salty ocean breeze from the Pacific and sunny climate, production in this region is high.  We find world class wines here such as L.A. Cetto, who won Double Gold in 2009 for their Nebbiolo red and Santo Tomas who claimed top points for their vibrant ruby colored cabernet sauvignon.

Over the years, demand has grown for many of these family owned wineries, and Mexican wine is exported all over the world.  Wine tours are plentiful throughout these vineyards and you can take advantage of the “Ruta del Vino”, the wine route that leads you past 50 wineries, museums, event space, boutique hotels, attractions and delightful restaurants within the producing valleys.

Wine lovers, connoisseurs, experts alike, have all applauded Mexican wines for their originality and fantastic nuanced notes.  When making your next selection, think Mexico, think local and sip on something new.

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