Ek Balam

Cancun and the Riviera Maya are located within the territory that was dominated by the Mayans, a culture that has left us a vast heritage in the large number of archeological areas found in the region. Proof of this is the city dedicated to the Black Jaguar “Ek balam”, one of the recently discovered archeological sites that has preserved buildings in very good condition and that give a broad view of its architectural and decorative capacity.

One of the biggest attractions of Ek Balam is the building called “The Acropolis” which consists of 6 levels and a total of 72 rooms. Within that area archaeologists discovered the tomb of King Ukit Kan Le’k Tok. Undoubtedly, it is an excellent option for groups as it combines the cultural attribution with its unique beauty.


Another of the great attractions of this region are the cenotes (from the Mayan word dzonoot “hole with water”), which are natural formations that are produced by the filtration of water through the limestone that is the main component of the subsoil in the area. For the Mayans, these sites were sacred, giving them access to a place full of mysterious gods (known as the lords of the Xibalba) and terrifying creatures; At present, the cenotes continue to display a mystical aura that makes them obligatory places to visit as part of Mexico’s past and the wonders of nature that fascinated the ancient inhabitants of this area.

These activities can be combined to create a truly unique and cultural experience for your next incentive program while showcasing the beauty of the Yucatan.

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