Few places on earth cause as much amazement as the Riviera Maya. This is a 120 Kilometer long coastline that extends along the incredible turquoise blue waters of the Mexican Caribbean, on the Eastern shores of the State of Quintana Roo.

What makes the Riviera Maya so different from other coastlines around the world? The list would be endless. It has a large quantity of beaches with glistening white sand and mild surf. These beaches offer solitude and calm as their principal characteristics. Near the shore, a low-elevation jungle, typical of the tropics, acts as a wall to the sea. It is practically impenetrable. It’s a habit for a rich variety of flora and fauna, and geological formations that would be impossible to find anywhere else in the world lying hidden amid the intense green. Here the ‘’cenotes’’, sweet-water deposits of capricious shapes and different sizes, produced by the subterranean rivers, which emerged to the surface over the course of million years.

The incredible beaches, ideal climate, internationally famous nightlife, and Mayan archaeological treasures are the exotic elements that most attract travelers, but there is something else that contributes just as much to its popularity, Riviera Maya masterfully mixes the exotic with the familiar. All can experience a completely different way of life without the struggle of trying to adapt to the unknown.

Activities and excursions in Riviera Maya are available to be booked in advance and are at your expense. Washington National is not providing any excursions during the Sales Celebration. We recommend that you sign up for your preferred excursions in advance through this website or on your arrival day at the Hospitality Desk with our excursion representativeAll excursions are at your expense and are paid in US Dollars!


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