Meeting Focus West – Revving Them Up

Incentive planners see renewed interest in motivational programs. 

Although Tough economic times are when motivation is most needed, many companies scaled back on incentive planners say companies are more willing to invest in programs geared to boost the bottom line and stay ahead of the competition.

In a recent SITE Foundation survey of incentive professionals,62 percent of the respondents said they expected to see an increase in the use of motivational travel over the next six to 12 months, while 84 percent predicted improvement over the next one to three years. To get some additional perspective, Meeting Focus West spoke with several leading incentive experts on what they are experiencing in the current marketplace.

Are you seeing an uptick in incentive business for the year ahead?

Adam Lawhorne, CEO, Meeting Incentive Experts, Chicago: People are deciding to do incentives again, sometimes at the last minute. Fortune 500 companies are not putting money in the stock market, so they have more money than they’ve had in a while. The incentive budgets are getting better, although not back to where they were in 2003. But we’re seeing some good budgets for last-minute incentive programs. Customers want to spend money on name entertainment and on five – star resorts.

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