Punta de Mita


A large food distribution company implements “Food First” at the Maria Del Carmen Serdan Alatriste school. The school is located 30 minutes from downtown Puerto Vallarta and was built in 2011 inside a government assisted housing area. With a total of 259 students, the creation of Food First allowed the children of the Puerto Vallarta community to learn how to maintain a living garden at their school, providing much needed nutrients and promoting better eating habits for healthy childhood development.  With the support of group attendees, they cleared an open area and constructed the garden in conjunction with students.  One of their company chefs explained the items being planted, how they benefit eating habits and how to maintain the garden for continued use.   In addition, the schools damaged water pump providing clean water to the school was replaced.


The elementary school began with a group of 20 children in 1992. The school is located in a colony called “Lomas del Coapinole” which started in the 1980’s with no utility services, because the nearest school was 20 minutes away and many of them did not have transportation to take their children to school. By the mid-eighties the population had grown and this enabled the school to be founded in 1992. The school receives funding from the Federal Government which is administered through the Municipal Government. Currently the school has 494 elementary students that are divided into eleven groups of 1st to 6th grade. MIE has assisted with its “FEET FIRST” Program by donating school supplies and shoes for the best students within each grade. MIE is committed to the communities in Mexico and has assisted many clients to donate over 500 pairs of shoes and over 2000 back backs for school children. MIE can coordinate and work with your hotel and education departments within Mexico to make an everlasting impression upon young students in Mexico.