When in search for a sea-side getaway, apart from looking for the best beaches and unforgettable sunsets, don’t forget to take into account the local food scene and how it can pamper your palate. One destination that is bursting with flavor is the exquisite Baja Cuisine of Los Cabos, where it is home to some of the best rated dining venues in the world.

Apart from having access to the freshest seafood 365 days a year, Los Cabos is well known for its delectable chocolate clams and octopus. These clams have no relation to the sweet treat other than their shiny, chocolate-colored shells; it is a treat for foodies and seafood lovers alike. Among the best places to enjoy these delicacies are El Farallon at the Waldorf Astoria Los Cabos Pedregal and Manta at The Cape, a Thompson Hotel. Octopus is another popular dish that can be found all around Cabo both on its own and as a common ingredient in sopes (a fried masa base with savory toppings), tostadas, and tacos. A great place to experience the culinary artistry of this cephalopod is at Chambao, a Mexican-Spanish fusion dining experience.

Grilled seafood from El Farallon at the Waldorf Astoria Los Cabos Pedregal 

When it comes to tacos, Los Cabos is in a league all its own, as tacos from this region are internationally recognized and sought after. You can find a plethora of taco stands at any time of day as you stroll along the store-lined streets, which offer a variety of succulent seafood fillings; a must try are the crispy fish tacos with sriracha mayo! Discover restaurants known for their creative taco dishes that combine perfectly with tequila or mezcal. Mesquite grilling is customary in Los Cabos, and Edith’s Group Restaurants has a long-standing tradition in preparing their delicious seafood and vegetables in this culinary fashion.

Vegetarian tostadas at Edith’s Restaurant

Intimate farm-to-table culinary experiences are something not to be missed in Los Cabos. Nestled between the Pacific Ocean and the Sierra de la Laguna Mountains are amazing farm-to-table establishments that will reconnect you to the roots of nature, many of which also offer cooking classes, which aide in fomenting a closer relationship to food and deeper appreciation of the land. Each of these dining establishments implement ecological farming practices and all the dishes on their menu are elaborated with produce, livestock, and seafood that either originate directly from the farms on their properties or are sustainably sourced.

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