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First-time visitors to the city will be surprised by the pink stone of the buildings in the Historical Center and the elegance of its Cathedral, the sound of whose bells accompanies those strolling through the city’s streets, plazas and gardens. They will also be able to admire examples of the city’s viceregal architecture in the baroque, neoclassical and plateresque styles such as the Clavijero Palace, the Palacio de Gobierno, the Church of the Society of Jesus and the Church of St. Augustine. Visitors are usually surprised to discover that music is still played at the Conservatorio de las Rosas, the first of its kind in America. Also of interest is the Aqueduct, a late 18th century hydraulic work, as well as the houses that have preserved some of the loveliest courtyards in Mexico.

In addition to its colonial buildings, churches and former monasteries, Michoacán also provides an opportunity to buy selected handicrafts and share unforgettable moments with the people who make them: the master craftsmen.

Exploring the lively, colorful markets, seeing the traditional clothes still worn in this region and sampling Michoacn’s delicious cuisine will give you a feel for the area and its people.